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Ron Low is a married suburban father of 2, an MBA, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a foreskin restorer, and a passionate human rights advocate.  He will not rest until all infants are legally protected from non-therapeutic cosmetic genital surgery and all men are aware of the opportunity to undo some of the sexual damage of infant circumcision through non-surgical foreskin restoration.  

Ron is eager to articulate: 

  •   Exactly what is wrong with routine infant circumcision

  •   How and why men restore their foreskins

  •   What is in the text of the proposed federal circumcision ban

  •   What do the latest headlines on circumcision tell us

  •   What are intactivists prepared to do next to protect infants


Sign a petition asking the Obama administration to protect boys from non-therapeutic forced genital cutting.  (Girls are protected by law from even a pin-poke to draw one drop of blood, with no religious exemption).  This needs about 2500 more signatures to force the administration to comment, but after October 23 the action hurdle jumps to 25,000.  Tell your friends to go to, click We The People, and search for Circumcision.  

Ron and his family are featured in the May 15th episode of TLC's Strange Sex cable TV documentary series.  CLICK for 2-minute video preview of the 15-minute segment.

Ron joins the Genital Integrity Awareness Week protests March 31st - April 3rd, 2011 in Washington DC to mark the 14th anniversary of the US anti-FGM law.  Protect boys too!

Ron sits with Howard Stern on March 29th for a 35-minute segment on foreskin restoration.  (right-click and save 45Mb file to local computer before playing).  Hear Howard say: "I agree with you. These circumcisions should be outlawed."  

Ron roll's out new clear Your-Skin Cones for the popular TLC Tugger and TLC-X for 2011. 

Contact Ron at

Ron Low, Inc.
2020 Landwehr Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062

847 414-1692 (cellular, call to arrange land line)

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