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Go to to help win legal protection for America's boys
TLC Tugger is proud to stand with in support of equality.
Ron's band Sonic Footprint has a CD on iTunes

Ron and his family are featured in the April 3rd, 2011 (re-run date May 15th) season 2 premiere of TLC's Strange Sex cable TV documentary series.  CLICK for 2-minute video preview of the 15-minute segment.


Ron sat with Howard Stern on Sirius / XM on March 29th for a 35-minute segment on foreskin restoration.  (right-click and save 45Mb MP3 file to local computer before playing).  Hear Howard say: "I agree with you. These circumcisions should be outlawed."  


Ron appeared on Playboy Radio with Tiffany Granath on 3/29/2011 for 20 minutes on Sirius / XM.    20 Mb MP3 Audio. (save to local computer before playing). 

Ron sparred with Bubba The Love Sponge and his gang on 3/22/2011 for a 25 minute chat on and 5 terrestrial stations..   45 Mb MP3 Audio. (save to local computer before playing). 

Ron joined Jay Thomas 3/21/2011 for a 45 minute chat on Sirius / XM Stars Too .   42 Mb MP3 Audio. (save to local computer before playing). 

Ron got to show Howard Stern and his radio / TV audience of millions what foreskin restorers go through.     CLICK for 6-minute segment.


Ron coaxed Jay Thomas to try restoring himself in his own Sirius / XM radio studio in 2009.  View on YouTube


Ron spent 20 minutes with the rollicking Stan and Terry on Chicago's hottest FM talk station.   View on YouTube


Ron was profiled for a 7-minute "Someone You Should Know" student film project.  View on YouTube


Ron was featured in the 2006 BBC Three production "Circumcise Me?  View clip on YouTube


Ron appeared in the documentary feature "CUT - Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision"  View clip on YouTube.  



Contact Ron at

Ron Low, Inc.
2020 Landwehr Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062

847 414-1692 (cellular, call to arrange land line)


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