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April 2011 - Ron Low and family featured in season 2 premiere of Strange Sex on The Learning Channel

Foreskin restoration and intactivism literally get their 15 minutes of fame.  

March 2011 - Heeb Magazine covers proposed San Francisco circumcision ban - cites TLC Tugger

Tugging is referred to in the article as "restoring to factory settings" which unfortunately is a mischaracterization.   

October 2010 - Houston Press covers the TLC Tugger Foreskin-Friendly Song, Poetry, and Video Contest

They show a TLC logo T-shirt and point out that it's never too late to think about next year's contest.  Marilyn Milos posts a rebuttal.    

September 2010 - CafeMom's The Stir calls the TLC Tugger one of 5 Odd Inventions for Better Sex

Unfortunately the image they show is from the patent application of the Tug-Ahoy, a competing device.    

December 2009 - Foreskin Restoration features prominently in nationwide Jay Thomas Home Grown Song Contest

Jay Thomas, host of a daily program on Sirius / XM Radio Stars Too, interviews Ron Low about circumcision and foreskin restoration

Then a few days later, Jay plays Ron's entry Grow it back Again for his Home Grown Song Contest.  The song is not voted the winner, but thousands are forced to confront the brutality and harm of male infant genital mutilation in the song's lyrics.  

February  2009 - Foreskin Restoration featured in COVER STORY of the New York Observer, including a picture of the TLC-X device on the front page

"With fewer circumcisions being performed, and a cadre of New York men hell-bent on restoring their own foreskins, you may be surprised what you unwrap on your next date, ladies!"

See link for full article (2200 words). TLC Tugger and Ron Low are mentioned, along with Intact America, Jim Bigelow, Georganne Chapin, Dean Pisani, and the 30th anniversary march on Washington DC.  

October 2008 - TLC Tugger cited in DETAILS Magazine article - Gimme Some Skin

See page 127 of the NOVEMBER issue which hit news stands September 30, 2008.  Author Elisa Ludwig probes all sides of the circumcision debate and discovers Foreskin Restoration.  She interviews men using the TLC Tugger and TLC-X to get back a measure of what was taken from them. Surgical reconstruction is mentioned, but rightfully relegated to a mere curiosity.  For the overwhelming majority of circumcision victims, non-surgical tissue expansion is the best way forward.   

August 2008 - TLC-X Tugger demonstrated on the Howard Stern Show

TLC Tugger founder Ron Low participates in the Prettiest Penis Contest for the on-air bachelor party of Star Trek's George Takei.  George will finally marry his long time partner Brad Altman now that California's Supreme Court has ruled in favor of equal marriage rights.  Congratulations George and Brad.  The Stern gang was still a little puzzled about foreskin restoration when the time allotted for their contest had lapsed, but staffer Artie Lange and guest George Takei did both request foreskin restoration cones.  

November 2007 - TLC Tugger cited in TIME interview on Foreskin Restoration

In The Great Uncircumcision Debate Time Magazine reporter JENINNE LEE-ST. JOHN gets to the bottom of the foreskin restoration issue.  To quote Ron Low in the article: "Foreskin feels really good."     

October 2007 - TLC Tugger presents Foreskin Restoration Speech to Mensa Convention

Ron Low was delighted to be on the agenda of HalloWeeM 32, the 32nd annual Chicago Regional gathering of American Mensa.  Ron spoke for an hour with a lighthearted but explicit PowerPoint slide show entitled Foreskin Restoration for Fun and Profit.  (YouTube video coming soon).   

July 2007 - TLC Tugger cited in COVER STORY of Houston Press article on foreskin restoration

TLC Tugger users and Ron Low are quoted in a 4-page story on foreskin restoration in Houston's premier culture weekly, The Houston Press.  Link to the article with a tiny URL: or read it from the TLC Archives if it's no longer on the paper's web site.    

January 2007 - TLC Tugger cited in Chicago Tribune article on circumcision and foreskin restoration

A nice piece covering both sides of the issue, with an admonishment for parents to think long and hard before taking their son's right to decide, plus the good news for men - that restoration is available.  (It ran in several Tribune company papers, but read it from the TLC archives if the above Tribune link has lapsed).   

December 2006 - TLC Tugger launches 1st pro-intact audio podcast series: Circumspect

For episode 1, Ron Low and his father discuss how on earth Ron fell victim to amputation of normal healthy tissue in 20th century America.  

Subscribe to the whole Circumspect series through  Just search the iTunes store for "circumcision" or "foreskin" and then sort the result by price.  The FREE podasts will pop top the top. 

August 2006 - Toronto Life Magazine Covers Restoration

TLC Tugger is cited in this mainstream publication on the first page of an in-depth 5-page look at restorers.  

January 2006 - TLC Tugger cited in BBC3 documentary - Circumcise Me?

The BBC3 documentary series Mischief covers a variety of topics in a fun and irreverent manner.  Circumcise Me? is the title of their investigation into the merits of intactness.  The "programme" premiered on the digital channel BBC Three (available on Sky, Cable and Freeview) on Thursday, January 5th at 10:30pm. Watch for other showings. 

January 2006 - TLC Tugger granted US Trademarks for Your-Skin® and TLC Tugger®

Official trademark registrations 3049638 and 3049639 grant exclusive use of these marks for "penile enhancement devices that stretch and restrain the skin over the glans to facilitate elongation and restoration of penile foreskin."  

November 2005 - TLC Tugger cited in new book - Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong

Editor Russ Kick's newest defuse-the-illusion volume includes a chapter on circumcision and restoration written by Diane Petryk-Bloom.   See page 283 or 290 for TLC's 15 minutes of fame.  

October 2005 - TLC Tugger and Your-Skin Cone cited in The Guardian UK Newspaper

Very clear and human-focused article "Sore Point" about circumcision, foreskin restoration, and the good works of NORM-UK in England.  Read it from the TLC archives, or do a Google on "Guardian UK circumcision" to see if you can still find it at Guardian.Co.UK

July 2004 - covers Foreskin Restoration

Very well footnoted article brings the intactness gospel to a very wide audience.  Read it from the TLC archives, or do a Google on "Wired foreskin" to see if you can still find it at  

October - December 2003 - RADIO ADS!  For the TLC Tugger®

We believe this is the first time in history foreskin restoration products have been advertised on the radio.  See and hear the ads in mp3 format.  We bought two weeks on the "Private Lives" sex-talk program (weeknights) and Howard Stern's local station breaks (mornings) on WCKG 105.9 FM in Chicago.  We also sponsored Q101's Sex-Talk web page for a month.  Recommend a station for us to try advertising on.  

September 2003 - Your-Skin® Restoration Cone patent filed

Our simple affordable tapeless device for retaining your own skin over your glans 24/7.  Filing date 9/22/03, Appl No 60/503,815, covering Your-Skin Cone, Conical Spacer, Cylindrical Spacers, and molding fixtures. Title: Tapeless device for retaining the foreskin of a circumcised penis over the glans.  

June 2003 - goes online

With the help of the open directory project, the site returns a high-ranking with Google for "tapeless foreskin restoration," "intact penis sensitivity," and "penis cone."  

March 2003 - The Your-Skin® Cone offered on Ebay

Just to see if anyone would be interested, the cone was offered in 3 weekly ebay listings.  8 people bid and are told the device is not ready.  

2002 - Ron uses the prototype Your-Skin® Cone through a night's sleep

Oxygen-cure silicone is very hard to work with.  Mass production is still out of the question.  

2001 - Ron goes tapeless with a prototype TLC Tugger®

The device is very hard to fabricate; many failed attempts.  

2001 - Ron begins restoring with canister

The daily taping is a spontaneity-killing nightmare, but rapid gains in sensitivity and a very understanding wife make it worth while.  

2001 - Pro-intact bumper stickers on Ebay 

Since 2001, every buyer of these custom bumper stickers has been offered free pro-intact stickers.  Surprisingly few take advantage of the offer.  


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