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Go to to help win legal protection for America's boys
TLC Tugger is proud to stand with in support of equality.
Ron's band Sonic Footprint has a CD on iTunes

- Ron's essay "Restoration: The Foreskin and the American Dream" appeared in Genital Autonomy: Protecting Personal Choice.  

- Ron's essay "Circumcising OBs at ACOG" appeared in Compleat Mother Magazine issue 91.

- Ron wrote Resolving Phimosis has nothing to do with Circumcision to help intact men avoid being circumcised by ignorant medical practitioners. 

- The Natural Penis and Restoration is a basic guide to foreskin restoration - 8 pages.  

- Using the Your-Skin® Restoration Cone

- Using the Tapeless Conical TLC Tugger®

- Using the TLC Packer

- Using the Tapeless Conical VLC Tugger

- Using the Canister Method

- Ron has published a 60-minute DVD of foreskin restoration technique demonstrations - TLC Demos DVD.  


Contact Ron at

Ron Low, Inc.
2020 Landwehr Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062

847 414-1692 (cellular, call to arrange land line)


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